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What is it with Rave and butts??? ... Oh yeah.
Taran Zhu goes all "o yea, well, yo daddy"
Shaman t16 and i jizzed in my pants
O hai!
cnn says StarWars games are in good hands with EA. In related news, Obama has handed over his presidential power to north korea
IRC is lonely
how the hell did I miss a Ssmud sighting?
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Challenge Mode Gold

Krisshaman a posted Oct 6, 13
Congratz to Keimori, Krisshaman, Kethizor, Naoshi, Sèras on completing Challenge Mode Gold.

Gates of Retribution

Krisshaman a posted Sep 23, 13
 Half of the siege complete, half to go.

SoO Progress

Krisshaman a posted Sep 21, 13
Week 1, we beat through to attempts on Galrakas. Week 2 we started night one clearing the first 5 bosses, now we break down the front door.Norushen
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