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What is it with Rave and butts??? ... Oh yeah.
Taran Zhu goes all "o yea, well, yo daddy"
Shaman t16 and i jizzed in my pants
O hai!
cnn says StarWars games are in good hands with EA. In related news, Obama has handed over his presidential power to north korea
IRC is lonely
how the hell did I miss a Ssmud sighting?
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Challenge Mode Gold

Krisshaman ao posted Oct 6, 13
Congratz to Keimori, Krisshaman, Kethizor, Naoshi, Sèras on completing Challenge Mode Gold.

Gates of Retribution

Krisshaman ao posted Sep 23, 13
 Half of the siege complete, half to go.

SoO Progress

Krisshaman ao posted Sep 21, 13
Week 1, we beat through to attempts on Galrakas. Week 2 we started night one clearing the first 5 bosses, now we break down the front door.Norushen
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